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About us

About us


RADMOR has many years of tradition and significant achievements going back to 1947. Throughout the years the company kept developing and extending the line of products and services. RADMOR has been designing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing its equipment for over 70 years. It´s a company with Polish capital in total.

RADMOR S.A. is a supplier of the radio communication equipment for the Polish Army and armies of other countries. Company’s military offer includes Comp@n software defined radios, R35010 personal radios, 3501 handhelds radios, V3501 vehicle sets and F@stnet radios – manpack and vehicular. A wide range of accessories is offered for these radios as well. We are also an integrator of radio communication systems TETRA and DMR for non-military markets. RADMOR participates in some European research and development programs (e.g. ESSOR) as well as in the Polish Army modernization program for tactical radio communications.

Radmor is part of WB Group, the largest private capital group in the Polish defense industry.

WB GROUP is the Polish largest private concern, operating in both military and civil markets. It is offering state of the art solutions for international armed forces as well as for uniformed services in the areas of energy, infrastructure, transport, railways, electromobility and the environment protection. The group focuses on innovation and on development of cutting-edge technological  solutions. The business philosophy assumed by the group is expressed in its product  offering, which includes globally unique solutions deployed in the most demanding  markets. As a global company, WB GROUP has offices and technological centers in the most developed regions all over the globe. From Asia and the Middle East, to the US, the Group employs over 1200 people, more than a half of whom are engineers and R&D staff.

Comapny products range includes:

  • tactical military radios
  • TETRA and DMR radio communication systems
  • professional radios

RADMOR has had its premises in Gdynia since foundation.

Gdynia with Sopot and Gdansk make nearly one (1) million agglomeration called "Thri-city" or "the Treble City". Gdynia is a young, but quickly expanding harbour city situated just at the seashore, offering many tourist attractions. Because of its unusual location - great views of the sea and beautiful scenery with long stroll sidewalks, beautiful waterfronts, marinas and yacht clubs - many tourists visit Gdynia willingly.

Kosciusko square (Skwer Kościuszki), yacht port, seaside promenade (Bulwar Nadmorski) - are the most favourite walking places for Gdynia´s citizens and their guests. "ORP Błyskawica" ("Lightning") destroyer, the only one fighting ship saved from the Second (II) World War and Dar Pomorza ("the Pomeranian Gift") yacht, one of the most beautiful yachts in the world - are left in the city landscape forever.

Gdynia is very attractive place for doing business. There are about 30 000 various firms in Gdynia. The companies are attracted by Gdynia´s good location, which enables easy communication with Poland and the rest of Europe. The ring road of Thri-city improves car connections with country, and the port with the container base - it is a window for the whole world. The nearness of the Airport "Thri-city" in Gdansk has also high importance.

Company details

Head office:

ul. Hutnicza 3
81-212 Gdynia


PL 5860102139

REGON (Industry identification number):


Number in the National Court Register:


Body keeping the National Court Register:

Sąd rejonowy Gdańsk Północ w Gdańsku

Basic capital paid:

9.682.830 PLN

NACE code:


NCAGE code:


D-U-N-S number:



MISSION  - providing reliable radiocommunication and means of proper information flowing.

VISION  - leading on technical level and independent financially company which assures communication to the environment and stability and prosperity to its employees.

IMAGE  - among the most innovate companies in Poland