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The “JaZZGdyni” festival

The “JaZZGdyni” festival

Gdynia is the city, where it is easy to find a lot of musical events. Almost everyone has heard about the Heineken Opener festival. However, not only the fans of the alternative music can find something interesting in Gdynia. Audience throughout the all year is able to choose many other proposals.

The lovers of jazz can develop their music taste during the cycle: “JaZZGdyni” since 2007. The man who invented this event is a resident of Gdynia: Sławomir Łuba, restaurateur and jazz fan. Before starting to organize his concerts, for many years he has traveled all over the country as a listener. The cycle is presented on the stages of Gdynia’s clubs: Pokład , Charlie Jazz Club and Jazz Cafe Scena . During the concerts, the audience has a close contact with artists, often world-class. Every year, jazz fans can listen to their favorite music in two festival editions- spring and autumn. This unique music cycle offers listeners a huge dose of musical experience (more than 40 concerts a year) and presents jazz music in a very wide way. You may hear a different variations of the mainstream of contemporary jazz, but there is also a place for artists who plays swing repertoire and musicians who combine jazz with other genres, such us ethnic, rock or club sounds. The musicians from all generations are invited for the concert in Gdynia – from the veterans, by musicians at the peak of their carrier to the newcomers. A lot of Polish musicians appear on the stage, but we can also find jazz artists from the USA and Canada. Presence of the European musicians is natural. The “JaZZGdyni” festival hosted many big stars- Al Di Meola , James Carter , Regina Carter , Al Foster , Brad Mehldau , George Duke , Stanley Clarke trio of bass guitarists, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten.

This year’s ongoing autumn edition of “JaZZGdyni” presents mainly Polish artists. The whole cycle consists of 20 shows of musicians, who play contemporary jazz, jazz-rock and traditional jazz. Artists who already have performed, inter alia, Artur Dutkiewicz Trio with jazz interpretation of Czesław Niemen repertoire, Apostolis Anthimos balancing between jazz and rock and Piotr Wojtasik, one of the best Polish jazz trumpeters. On the stage in club “Pokład” Jarosław Śmietana had a concert, presenting music from his latest album, called “Psyhodelic”, inspired by the works of Jimmy Hendrix. And this is not the end – there are many more attractions for the audience ahead.

Radmor, as a company having its registered office in Gdynia, for years is trying to help in organizing different cultural events in the city. This year the company supported the autumn edition of the “JaZZGdyni” concerts. Thanks to it also Radmor employees can develop their music taste and meet many interesting artists.

Words “Gdynia” and “jazz” in the name of this music cycle leave no doubt -  Gdynia is certainly a city where you can listen to good piece of jazz. This message is simple and one hundred percent true!

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Bartłomiej Stachnik (fot.), Małgorzata Zeman*

*Special thanks for Mrs. Edyta Dedek, the “JaZZGdyni” Promotion and PR Director, for providing information of the cycle.