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Accreditation for the Testing Laboratory

Accreditation for the Testing Laboratory

Since 11-th January 2010, i.e. since the signing the relevant contract between the “Polskie Centrum Akredytacji” (Polish Center for Accreditation) and RADMOR S.A., our laboratory provides  services for customers as a laboratory already accredited.

The Certificate Ceremony was held on 29-th January 2010.

In the year 2008 RADMOR by the „Polskie Centrum Akredytacji” (Polish Centre for Accreditation) requested for the Research Laboratory accreditation for compliance with the Polish Standard PN-EN ISO / IEC 17025:2005 „Ogólne wymagania dotyczące kompetencji laboratoriów badawczych i wzorcujących” (General requirements for the laboratory competence of testing and calibration). PCA in 2009  conducted twice an assessment of laboratory management system and the competence and proficiency of a personnel. The assessment team concluded that the implemented management system meets all required standards, and staff are proficient and competent to perform the tests, specified in the accreditation. Therefore, in December last year the Polish Accreditation Centre has decided to grant the AB 1132 accreditation for the RADMOR S.A. Company's Research Laboratory.

Radio communication researches

   Because of the main business profile RADMOR S.A., the largest manufacturer of VHF FM mobile radio equipment in Poland, its Research Laboratory has an extensive experience in radio communication researches of  VHF FM radio devices. Over the years of its activities, the Research Laboratory has conducted test of handheld, mobile and stationary radios in accordance with Polish and European standards.  After the Polish accession to the European Union, VHF FM radio communications equipment, marketed in the EU, must meet the requirements of harmonized standards - e.g. ETSI EN 300 086-2. Currently we are accredited to perform tests of equipment with detachable antenna for compliance with standard mentioned above.

   In our work we use the research stations, organized on the basis of modern measuring equipment - radio communication testers, high frequency oscillators, power meters, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes – made by internationally recognized manufacturers, such as ROHDE & SCHWARZ, AGILENT, or Tektronix. This equipment is also aided by applications made by the laboratory staff, using the LabVIEW environment. In this way complete measuring systems are formed for automatic measurements and a detailed record of their results.

Environmental tests

The fulfillment of the requirements for radio communications parameters does not always end the research process. Often, devices need to meet the requirements  for working in extreme environmental conditions (mechanical and climatic) as well as resistance to be transported from a factory to a place of installation. For example, the Ministry of Defense  requires meeting, so-called, Defense Standards - NO-06-A103 and NO-06-A107 (environmental tests range).

We are accredited to conduct the following mechanical tests (in accordance with Defense Standard NO-06-A107 and Polish standards PN-EN 60068-2 - ... series):

  • tests of resistance and strength to sinusoidal vibrations;
  • tests of resistance and strength to mechanical shock;
  • tests of resistance and strength to transport exposures;
  • tests of resistance and strength to free falls;

   We have a modern research equipment  for realization of the above-mentioned tests and researches. The machine, that we are especially proud of is the modern vibration shaker V850-440 from LING DYNAMIC SYSTEMS company, working in our laboratory since 2005. Thanks to adding software DACTRON, which is controlling the shaker, we have one of the most advanced systems in Poland for testing resistance and strength of the devices to vibration. It also allows the implementation of lots of tests over the scope of laboratory accreditation. Particularly attractive offers for our customers are testing the resilience and strength to excessive RANDOM vibration and mixed tests (RANDOM and SINUS type vibrations). They are often made for the automotive industry. Offering such tests,  gives us great progress opportunities because of the enormous scale of the car production.

   We have also received an accreditation to perform climate tests in the following areas (in accordance with Defense Standard NO-06-A107 and Polish standards PN-EN 61000-2 - ... series):

  • tests of resistance and strength to high and low environment  temperatures;
  • tests of resistance and strength to moisture;
  • tests for strength to quick changes in temperature and thermal shock;
  • tests  of resistance and strength to condensation deposits (dew and frost).

   For conducting these studies we use two climate chambers. One of them, made by internationally recognized manufacturer of environmental chambers ANGELLANTONI, allows to get the environment temperatures from -70 °C to +180 ° C. The capacity of our environmental chambers allows to easily locate inside the objects with dimensions of 50cm x 50cm x 50cm and weight up to 50kg.

   We have also been accredited to perform tests of the degree of enclosures’ protection. We are able to assess the hermeticity, drip proof, splash-proof and hose-proof (IP code from the X2 to X5) and the resistance to a dust penetration of the housings.

 Electromagnetic compatibility researches (EMC)

   The last group of tests, for which we are accredited by PCA, are selected research in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We have a professional equipment, that allows testing of inspected objects:

  • resistance of the device to interference, caused by the power connector,  according to IEC 61000-4-4, -5, -11;
  • level of a disturbance emissions conducted through power connector, according to PN-EN 55022 and NO-06-A200;
  • resistance of the devices to electrostatic , in accordance with the IEC 61000-4-2 to 15kV.

We use for these studies a high-end devices, made by companies such as TESEQ (SCHAFFNER) and ROHDE & SCHWARZ. Measuring equipment is supported by applications, provided by the manufacturer or developed by the laboratory staff.

Researches over the scope of accreditation.

Obviously, studies which are included in the accreditation of the laboratory do not cover the whole range of tests performed by us. An important field of researches  are so-called operational tests of radiotelephones and radio stations. Studies of this kind are carried out in the field and allow to specify the maximum ranges of equipment. The studies of this type utilize GPS receivers and digital maps. This allows us to point the exact location and hence the precise measurement of ranges.

Obtaining accreditation through our Research Laboratory for us is impartial and objective proof, that the works are carried out in accordance with the best laboratory practice and professional staff is proficient in carrying out its activities. We hope that, through obtained certification, customers will have no doubts in choosing the place of testing their devices.