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RRC 9310AP tactical VHF ECCM 50W vehicle radio

RRC 9310AP tactical vehicle radio

RRC 9310AP tactical vehicle radio


  • high level of ECCM protection
  • simultaneous and independent voice  and data transmission using one single channel (Multiplex)
  • high data transmission rate: up to  42,66 kbit/s
  • high voice quality by means of  MELP vocoder (Stanag 4591)
  • IP controller and built-in GPS  receiver
  • interoperability with all radios of PR4G family

RRC 9310AP is a vehicle hopping transceiver of a new F@stnet generation with a high rate data transmission and high level of ECCM protection. It is a modular radio consisting of manpack radio RRC 9210 and power amplifier WZM 126AP. RRC 9310AP can be installed on all types of military vehicles and its dimensions and weight are the same as of RRC9500.

The radio is fitted with IP controller and built-in GPS receiver. New transmission mode called Multiplex is available for simultaneous and independent voice and data transmission in the tactical net.

Thanks to new features RRC 9310AP radio can be a component of tactical internet network. Remote management and configuration of the radio is possible via a standard SNMP protocol.

RRC 9310AP radio has a vocoder of three different coding rates and is also equipped with TDMA mode. Digital voice and transmissions are encrypted using COMSEC keys. Data transmission operates in simplex or TDMA modes. Vocoders can be easily used by operator to get the best voice quality.

RRC 9310AP radio is interoperable with all radios of PR4G family and uses many of the same peripherals and accessories.

New functionalities:

  • high rate data transmission (up to  42.66 kbit/s)
  • packet data transmission up to  19.2 kbit/s (PAS service)
  • IP card
  • built-in GPS receiver
  • simultaneous and independent voice  and data transmission (Multiplex mode)
  • simple radio to battlefield  computer connection thanks to Ethernet TCP-IP interface & PPP  protocol
  • remote management via a standard SNMP protocol

Technical specification:



RRC 9310AP

Frequency range


30 ÷ 87,975



0,5 / 5 / 50

Number of channels



Channel spacing



Number of programmable cryptographic keys



Number of programmable frequency plans





  • F3 STANAG 4204 (analog modes)
  • SCR4 (digital modes)
  • 8CMP (high rate digital modes)

Operating modes


  • analog (AFF, SCAN)
  • digital (FH, FCS, MIX, DEF)

Digitized voice transmission (clear or encrypted)


  • 800, 2400 i 4800 bit/s (Vocoder compressed)
  • 16 kbit/s (CVSD coded)

Data transmission (clear or encrypted)


  • synchronous data transmission at rates from 50     bit/s do 42,66 kbit/s
  • asynchronous data transmission at rates from 50     bit/s do 38,40 kbit/s
  • packet data transmission at rate 4800 bit/s     through PPS interface or at rates up to 19,20 kbit/s through IP     interface

Interoperability with VHF/FM radios


in fixed frequency analog modes (STANAG 4204)

Power supply


26 (18÷33)

Current consumption (without optional pcbs):
- reception
-    transmission at power 0,28 W
- transmission at power 5 W
-    transmission at power 50 W



Frequency stability



Attenuation of harmonic radiations:
- harmonics H2 and H3
-    harmonics ≥ H4


≥67 ≥80




Audio output power



Audio bandwidth


300 ÷ 3000






290 x 139 x 360

Operating temperature range


-40 ÷ +70

Relative humidity



Electromagnetic compatibility


compliant with military standard MIL STD 461D


Radio basic set:

  • transceiver RRC 9210,
  • RF amplifier WZM 126AP,
  • mount support without shock absorbers SUB 188A-R,
  • handset COT 207-14A,
  • VHF antenna with GPS antenna,
  • antenna cable (3m),
  • GPS antenna cable (3m),
  • power supply cable (3m),
  • external loudspeaker HPA  111-14A.

Optional equipment:

  • smart handset TRC 9750A,
  • VHF end-fed antenna* ,
  • VHF center-fed antenna* ,
  • mount support with shock absorbers SUB 188A-R,
  • headsets,
  • remote control unit,
  • VHF/VHF relay cable CBF 295.

* available with GPS antenna embeded