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Together we can do more

At present ARP (ang. Industrial Development Agency) has almost 86% shares of Radmor S.A. The rest belongs to employees of Radmor S.A.

After December  6th , 2010, the situation has been changed – members of the boards of Industrial Development Agency, WB Electronics S.A. and Radmor S.A.  will have signed the investment agreement, under which WB Electronics S.A. will cover 46,14% of Radmor S.A. initial capital and will contribute 51 million zł to Radmor S.A. As a result of the investment agreement the Industrial Development Agency and WB Electronics S.A. will obtain a partnership as management of Radmor S.A.

The cash contribution by WB Electronics S.A. will help Radmor S.A. to finance investments planned in 2016. Main elements of development program are  as follows:

  • elaboration and  launch of      production of radio platforms in the SDR technology,
  • elaboration and  launch of      production of on-board and portable computers for the commanders,
  • elaboration and  launch of      production of communication systems of unmanned platforms.

The new capital is not only one positive action for Radmor S.A., because WB Electronics will use the productive potential of Radmor S.A. by locating in their production in Gdynia the most of WB Electronics products. It will ensure that  production in Radmor S.A. will be increased for around 25 million zł annually.

Both companies have  their own research and development projects. Co-operation between constructional offices should affect efficiency improvement and enlargement of the use of innovative technologies. Knowledge and the development strategy of WB Electronics S.A.  in the field of C4ISR systems will accelerate initiation of Polish solution of the international market. Product range and experience in systems integration will be used to realize military projects in Poland and abroad, including the creation of new SDR radios, unmanned platforms and Titan project. The Polish capital of both corporations guarantees that an intellectual property of designed systems and military devices will remain in the country.

A common offer will be based on products of Radmor S.A. and WB Electronics S.A. It will ensure the Polish military products will be more competitive and technologically advanced. Both corporations have a very active commercial activity in several countries. Using the market position of the new partner in  another part of world will extend exports.

These all aforementioned operations will cause that income of Radmor S.A. will double by 2016.


Razem możemy więcej
Razem możemy więcej



WB Electronics S.A. (Ożarów) provides solutions for system integration and battlefield communication. WB Electronics manufactures a wide range of computers for military applications from handheld terminals to vehicle based command centers. WB Electronics offers  the digital intercom system FONET for vehicular communication and vehicle terminals, which are the main component of telecommunications equipment installed on board of  command vehicles operating in the battlefield and at the tactical level. Lately WB Electronics has designed a compact system for medium range image intelligence (IMINT) applications. WB Electronics co-operates with  Bumar and RADMOR S.A. They prepare together the Futere Soldier project. WB Electronics S.A. has integrated own systems at around 3000 military vehicles, most of these vehicle are operated in combat zone by 8 armies in the world.
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