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Together we can do more

At present ARP (ang. Industrial Development Agency) has almost 86% shares of Radmor S.A. The rest belongs to employees of Radmor S.A.

Radmor radio communication for Baltic Container Terminal

The BCT, Baltic Container Terminal in Gdynia, completed an implementation process and has launched a new terminal communication system, based on the TetraFlex system, delivered by Radmor. This TetraFlex system is manufactured by Damm Cellular Systems A/S.

Autumn Jazz

In September, the latest edition of the concert series "JaZzGdyni” has started. Fans of this kind of music can listen to their favorites since 2007.

The new News-bulletin

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the sequence number of the bulletin “Info-Radmor” 2/2010.

The communication on the motorcycle

In our offer you can find the ZRK 3403 motorcycle radiocommunication system for carrying  on correspondence by person being outside the vehicle, up to 100 meters from it.

New functions of 35010 radio

During International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2008 in Kielce our 35010 radio was awarded Defender prize – the radio was appreciated for modern technical solutions and its usefulness at the field of fight. The radio will be still improved and new functionality will be added.

The “JaZZGdyni” festival

Gdynia is the city, where it is easy to find a lot of musical events. Almost everyone has heard about the Heineken Opener festival. However, not only the fans of the alternative music can find something interesting in Gdynia. Audience throughout the all year is able to choose many other proposals.

Accreditation for the Testing Laboratory

Since 11-th January 2010, i.e. since the signing the relevant contract between the “Polskie Centrum Akredytacji” (Polish Center for Accreditation) and RADMOR S.A., our laboratory provides  services for customers as a laboratory already accredited.