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Digital scramblers

  • Applicable to: RADMOR, Motorola, Hyt and Vertex radio telephones;
  • The coding keys are easily changeable over the radio channel;
  • Stunning, reviving and  total deactivation of radio telephone (killing) are available;
  • Possibility of activation the ambience listening.

 The digital scramblers are designed for speech encryption in analog radio systems. We offer two types of scramblers:  0187 and 0188 with different code’s lengths. The first one has a 128-bit encryption key. In the second type of scrambler, i.e. 0188, a 54-bit encryption key is implemented, it is used mainly in military radio stations.

The scrambler detects automatically if the transmission is analog or digital and then switches to the appropriate mode without the user’s intervention. To each scrambler the individual address is assigned, therefore  it is identifiable in the system. It also has a set of pre-programmed coding keys, which can be changed over the radio channel. The device ensures the reception of encrypted transmission only if the already programmed coding key is consistent. Every radio communication network’s user possessing the scrambler is assigned to its own “master code” by the manufacturer.  The interface, which can be connected to radio telephone and then used for monitoring the network, has the same “master code” as scramblers working in this network. Therefore, it is possible to observe a traffic only in this network.  The “master code” prevents receiving a transmission by radios, which are operating in other users’ networks, even if the key code is consistent.

The radio control of the scrambler provides also opportunities to verify the presence of a radio telephone in the network , its remote stunning, reviving and total deactivation, so-called killing. It is also possible to turn on the ambient listening option in a radio telephone surrounding.

For ensuring a high security level of the scramblers’ system only three people, with privileges allocated according to the competence, can manage its functions. And none of them have a full access to all scrambler’s functions. They have rights to:

  • monitor the radio communication network with operating scramblers;
  • technical maintenance with possibility to set operating parameters ;
  • access codes’ management and coding keys changing;

The person, who programs the functions’ access codes, has the highest level of initiation- only this person can give these codes to the supervisor of the network. Without knowledge of these codes only network traffic overseeing is possible – it is impossible  to change any scrambler’s function over the radio channel in the radio telephone.

The scrambler’s units or modules can be installed in base stations, mobile radio telephones,  handheld radio telephones and in military radio stations, all made by RADMOR. In the RADMOR handheld radio telephones the scrambler’s units are installed to the special dedicated for this purpose connectors. In the mobile radio telephones, which do not have such connectors, the scrambler’s modules with special board are mounted, therefore it is possible to install the scrambler in radio telephones.

The special scrambler’s units, intended for using in the radios made by other manufactures such as Motorola, Hyt and Vertex, are also developed.