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ZS3767 Controller Set

Manager's workplace in fire brigade

Manager's workplace in fire brigade

The ZS 3767 controller set is designed to controll 3767 deskset controllers, which are working with the 3007 stationary radiotelephone. Each dispatcher can control even four consoles. The controller set can be mounted to the operator's table. It ios possible to develop this system by new controllers. Number of the connected 3767 deskset controllers can be modifie.

This set is supplied by the DC adapter or the external power supply socket of the 3767 deskset controller.

Technical parameters:



ZS 3767

Number of controlled radiotelephones


(possibility to develop)

Power supply


12 DC/ 200mA

Operating temp. range


0 ÷ +40

Dimensions of controller front panel


250 x 160 x 3

Dimensions of controller cover


230 x 140 x 61



in closed room

Work type


constant work