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Mobile antennas 30835, 30836

Mobile antennas 30835, 30836

Mobile antennas 30835, 30836

The 30835 and 30836 rod antennas are designed to work with vehicle radiotelephones operating in frequency band:

  • 146 ÷ 174 MHz (antenna 30835)
  • 380 ÷ 470 MHz (antenna 30836)

The antennas are adapted for installation on any motor vehicles, using magnetic base as an integral part of the antenna.

Electrical specifications:

Typ (electrical length of antenna)


Code of horizontal antenna radiation pattern

000ND00 (according to CEPT T/R 25-08 Recommendation)

Versions of the antenna as a function of operating frequency

Version of 30835 antenna

Operating band [MHz]


146 ÷ 161


152 ÷ 168


159 ÷ 174

Version of 30836 antenna

Operating band [MHz]


380 ÷ 430


410 ÷ 450


430 ÷ 470

Nominal input impedance

50 Ω

Standing wave ratio (SWR)


Antenna's power gain with the respect to the unipole λ/4

0 db (2,15 dbi)

Polarization type


Max power

50 W

Type of antenna cable

RG58 All, 5 m length witb BNC 50 connector

Tuning of these antennas is not required.

Mechanical specifications:

Max height of antenna over the vehicle's body:
 antenna 30835
 antenna 30836


523 mm
230 mm

Total weight of the antenna

1,11 kg

Magnetic base dimensions:
- diameter
- height

125 mm
36 mm

Environmental conditions:

Operating temperature

-40°c ÷ +60°C

Relative humidity

< 98% in temp. +40°C

Operating conditions:

Antenna with the magnetic baseneeds to be mounted to the metal body of a vehicle or to the metal bracket which is galvanically connected to the bodywork, which is a “ground plane” for the antenna. The place of mounting of the antenna needs to be close to the center of the largest horizontal plane of vehicle’s metal bodywork or close to the center of the whole structure of a vehicle. This way of installation ensures correct antenna impedance and a horizontal radiation pattern closest to circular. It also protects the driver and passangers in the vehicle against HF radiation. \

Magnetic antenna's cable is run through doorways of a vehicle. Therefore, close attention shoud be paid to deform the cable as little as posiible when closing the door. Please, take notice to arrange the antenna cable in order to protect it from possible abrasion.

The antenna is produced for a middle frequency of every version's operating bans. The antenna's magnetic base provides an excelent fastening on the vehicle. Using of a very strong magnet allows safe driving at speed up to 140 km/h. Exterior paint surface of the vehicle is protected by a rubber washer. If the antenna with a base falling from the vehicle roof cause som injury, it will be under the responsibility of the user.