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Mobile Antenna 3086

Mobile antenna 3086

Mobile antenna 3086

The 3086 vehicle antenna  is designed to work with mobile radiotelephones operating in frequency ranges: 144 ÷ 174 MHz, 380 ÷ 470 MHz.
This is a low profile antenna, which is adapted for installation on any motor vehicle, with a particular recommendation in those cases, where the antenna height  can not exceed 160 mm (for example: trains, buses, construction equipment). The aluminum antenna is located in a dielectric cover, made of mechanical resistant plastic, strengthened by a glass fiber.

Electrical specifications:

Type (electrical length of antenna)

slot antenna (λ/4)

Code of horizontal antenna radiation pattern

000ND00 (according to CEPT T/R 25-08 Recommendation)

Versions of the antenna as a function of operating frequency


Operating band [MHz]


3 MHz 
from band 144 ÷ 174

3, 4

380 ÷ 470

Nominal input impedance

50 Ω

Standing wave ratio (SWR)


Antenna's power gain with the respect to the unipole λ/4

0 dB (2,15 dBi)

Polarization type


Horizontal plane radiation pattern 

omnidirectional ±2 dB

Max power

100 W

Type of antenna connector

N-50 plug

Antenna equipment

ver. 3

additional cable RG 213 length 7 m terminated with N-50 connector at one end

ver. 1, 4

additional N-50 connector adapted to RG 213 cable

Tuning method

radiator cutting (only version 1)

All metal elements are D.C. (Direct Current) grounded.

Mechanical specifications:

Dimensions of the antenna cover:

- high above the bodywork of a vehicle
- length
- width


160 mm
700 mm
130 mm

 - version 1
 - versions 3, 4

2,2 kg
1,3 kg

Diameter of antenna connector hole

Φ 21,2 mm

Antenna mount: 
- version 1
- versions 3, 4

screws M8, 6 pcs
screws M8, 4 pcs

Antenna cover mount

screws M6, 12 pcs

Environmenta conditions:

Operating temperature

-50°C ÷ +110°C

Relative humidity

< 98% in temp. +40°C

Operating conditions:

Antenna should be mounted to the metal bodywork of a vehicle (conductive surface), which is the “ground plane”  for the antenna. Mounting of the antenna on a metal surface with minimal dimensions: 900x1200 mm (for the 160 MHz range) or 400x500 mm (for the 450 MHz range) is required for its proper operation. The place of mounting of the antenna needs to be close to the center of the largest horizontal plane of vehicle’s metal bodywork or close to the center of the whole structure of a vehicle. This way of installation ensures correct antenna impedance and a horizontal radiation pattern closest to circular.. The hole in a vehicle’s bodywork of a diameter of Φ 21,2 mm. is required for installation of the antenna.
During the installation it is particularly important to ensure a galvanic contact between the antenna base (shield of a coaxial cable supplying the antenna ) and the bodywork of a vehicle. In the frequency range 144 ÷ 174 MHz the antenna is tunable by cutting of a radiator to ensure the desired length. In the 380÷470 MHz band antenna operates broad-band without tuning.