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Magnetic Base 06516

Magnetic base 06516

Magnetic base 06516

The 06516 magnetic base is designed to mount on any vehicle. Iy is adapted for installation of vehicular antenna's made by RADMOR and operating in frequency bands 26 ÷ 470 MHz. It provides an excellent fastening of the antenna on the vehicle. Very strong magnet allows safe driving at speed up to 140 km/h. Exterior paint surface is proteced by a rubber washer.

Electrical specifications:

Operating frequency

26 ÷ 470 MHz

Cable impedance

50 Ω


RG58 All 5 m lenhth terminated by BNC 50 plug

Mechanical specifications:

Magnetic base dimensions:
- diameter
- height

125 mm
36 mm

Weigth including coaxial cable

0,82 kg

Environmental conditions:

Operating temperature

-40°c ÷ +60°C

Operating conditions:

The magnetic base needs to be mounted to the metal body of the vehicle which is a "ground plane" for the antenna. The place of mounting of the antenna needs to be close to the center of the larges horizontal planes of the vehicle's metal bodywork or closer to the center of the whole structure of a vehicle. This way of installation ensures corrwct antenna impedance and a horizontal radiation pattern closest to circular. It alsoprotects the driver and passengers in the vehicle against HF radiation. Close attention ahould be paid to arrange the antenna cable in order to protect it from possible abrasion. If the antenna with a base falling from the vehicle roof cause some injury, it will be under the responsibility of the user.