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RADMOR S.A. is the largest manufacturer of mobile VHF/UHF radio communication equipment in Poland. We offer handheld, mobile and stationary radiotelephones; radio modems and data transmission modules; military radio communication systems including handheld, manpack and vehicle radios.

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ZRK 3403

Motorcycle radio communication system ZRK 3403 is dedicated to maintaining communications with a person being up to 100 meters from the vehicle. A miniature personal radio transceiver 35S10 is used for this purpose.

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ESSOR Programme continues its development

In a major step towards the use of ESSOR (European Secure SOftware  defined Radio) technology by international military coalitions, Germany  adopts the ESSOR HDR Waveform and joins the programme for its further  development.

Seasons holiday

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We would like to inform you  that we will be closed from the 27th  December 2019 to the 6st  January 2020.

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